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At Tanfield Wellness we create bespoke courses to offer you guided support from an experienced team - Lulu Ferrand, craniosacral therapist and Laura Boscawen, Chinese medicine doctor and acupuncturist. The "Reboot" Yourself course is designed for those suffering from stress and anxiety, who are not able to visit us at Tanfield Wellness and who need help to live a better, more productive and calm life.

This is designed to help you complete the course.  So many other courses are easy to join but it's continuing in order to maintain new habits that is not so easy.  We help you, nudge you, guide you, so that you can change your habits for ever.  You are able to try then tag your favourite aspects of the course and create your own bespoke package that you can use for ever.  I don't know of a similar programme.


You may be stressed, disorganised, lacking in self worth and know that you can and should live in a better and healthier way.   It may be that you're not sure what it is that is holding you back.  You may not realise that the energy in your body is not flowing correctly and needs to be clean and unblocked.  You may be looking for techniques to bring into your every day life.  You may want to work on your spiritual growth. Then this course could well be what you are looking for. 

Everyone is different so we have created a variety of things to do during your programme.  



Access to private members section on this website containing:

A Welcome Video

Weekly emails with links to this week's activities in the members area

Weekly videos with meditations, of different lengths

Videos of Qi Gong, Energy Circling, Grounding, Protection and Meridian Tapping

Guidance and tips on breathing, mindfulness and general wellbeing

Exercises, easy physical and many thought provoking

Individual distance healing session by Lulu

Aura cleansing 

Ask your therapist - Live session on Zoom in week 2

There's a large variety of small exercises/challenges to do and you choose what suits you best - that's the point!



We have created a package that starts small and gets bigger but fully controlled by you.  We aim to equip you with tools to look after yourself, now and to use in the future and to give you a routine to enable you to grow and become more self-aware and powerful.  


The course runs over four weeks and begins with a welcome video.  We encourage you to carry out various simple exercises all designed to improve your mental wellbeing.   For the duration of the programme, you will become a Member of Reboot Yourself and have access to a wealth of information in our private area on this website.

Each week you will be receive videos,  information on self help, mindfulness, breathing and meditation exercises as well as other tasks relating to you that we'd like you to reflect on.  You will be encouraged to complete these and make notes of your own progress.  It will not be difficult, can be downloaded on to your computer or smart phone and can be done whilst working or on holiday.  It's about creating a mindset that suits you. 

You will also get two distance healing sessions, one of which is an energetic field cleanse.  When you book the plan, you should book your first Distance Healing session within your first 10 days.  The next healing session, the energetic cleanse, does not need to be booked.


Mid way through will be open live forum where you can ask our therapists anything and share experiences.

We begin a new series of the Reboot Yourself every month.  Spaces are strictly limited.

The programme costs £250.   To book a place on the next available start date,  please go to 

If you would prefer to experience a single online distance healing which is not part of the programme, then go to 



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