Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (CST) promotes physical, psychological and emotional well-being. The practitioner, using light touch, can palpate the subtle rhythmic movements, a natural self-healing force called potency. This motion is centred around the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes our spinal cord and brain. CST enables the body to self-regulate and come into balance.


It is a safe and gentle, yet powerful form of treatment which makes it particularly suitable to treating new borns.  Lulu thinks that every child born should receive a treatment allowing the trauma of birth to subside.

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CST is a safe and gentle choice for pregnant women, babies and children. Itis gentle and supportive to the physical and emotional needs of the individual. During pregnancy it can be used for minor ailments such as back pain, stressand anxiety regarding the birth by balancing the nervous system and generallysupporting both mother and baby in the preparation for birth; the treatment isusually carried out whilst lying sideways.


Babies often come for craniosacral therapy in the first weeks following birth.
The baby’s mother and father will usually be asked to be part of the session and as the baby responds to the treatment, this shared experience can deepen the bonds within the new family.

CST is beneficial even if the pregnancy and birth were trouble-free. It can also offer support for establishing and supporting breastfeeding, developing good sleep patterns, with early infant feeding problems including colic and reflux as well as bonding with parents and siblings.

Babies are often treated whilst feeding or being cuddled. Sometimes mother and baby are treated together.


Children of all ages can benefit from Craniosacral Therapy. CST is a nurturing and calming approach to childhood healthcare. Many common behavioural, social, and learning difficulties respond well to CST. The treatment process is gentle and supportive. The session can be done whilst playing on the floor or whilst reading.


"The change in Xxx is quite remarkable.  Thank you so much for what you have done for him.  He is calm and cheerful and his response to anything negative which would have produced anger, upset or frustration before, has totally changed. He’s in a very positive place and it’s such a treat to see."         Boy aged 7 years