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Buildings need help too! 


Have you ever felt as if someone is looking at you? Or feel the blow of wind against your face?  Or even an unexplained smell, pleasant or otherwise?  Or your dog inexplicably barking at something that is not visible to humans?  Or you could feel as if the house is stopping you living your life in the way you want.  Sometimes clients just 'know' there's something not right with the energy within the house.  Perhaps the previous occupants got divorced and you are now shouting at your partner?  Perhaps you are struggling to sell your house and cannot understand why.


Souls, with good and also bad intentions can get stuck in the Astral plane, in order to control what happens after their departure or just hang around amusing themselves or causing trouble.  Sometimes it is due to a lack of understanding or belief of what to do when they pass.  There are many different varieties of souls and entities, just as they are in the physical realm on earth.  Sometimes animal or tree spirits are in need of help.  Occasionally, there is an actual soul agreement taking place which Lulu addresses and will explain so that harmony is resumed.


After a booked telephone consultation to discuss what is happening in your residence, Lulu will work from her treatment room tuning in at a distance.  Working with an address, a photograph of the house and a floor plan, Lulu can sense stuck souls and negative entities.  She works intuitively and will always keep a curious and open mind; she will use several techniques to engage with the energy and clears what needs to be released before helping them go to the light. Finally a protection is put around the building.  Whoever or whatever she is engaging with during her sessions, she treats with the utmost respect and honour.  All sessions are done at a distance. 


The price 


£200 covers a maximum of three sessions to achieve a full cleanse and protection.  She will email a report on her findings.  Occasionally, houses need more sessions and Lulu will keep you updated throughout.  This will incur extra charges.

"The house feels fresh, thank you."

                                      House in Co Durham

Buildings, residential and business can hold spirits and entities that may be affecting the health and wellbeing of the occupants or business.  I have found that ancestors, maybe of the land before building was even constructed, can be evident.  Sometimes souls have lived or died in the house, other times they are attracted to other entities and gather together having had no connection to the building at all.  Almost that the house has a 'signpost' to it for other souls to go there, like a waiting room.  Often there are multiple souls to be cleared, sometimes some 'hide' and will be present the second time Lulu tunes into the house.  As soon as the house is clear, Lulu carries out a protection.  On the final check in, if all is still clear, her task is complete.  A report will be emailed to you.

"Just like dealing with a human, we are all different with many layers and possibilities."  Lulu

"I feel like I, and the house, can breathe properly and deeply"

                                                                             House in Surrey

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