Throughout our lives, factors such as accidents, injuries, stresses and emotional problems can affect the expression of the fluid rhythms within the body. As a result of these factors and over time, areas can become stuck or blocked.  CST recognises the blocked-up energy, with the practitioner enabling it to be released allowing healing to naturally occur.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (CST) promotes physical, psychological and emotional well-being. The practitioner, using light touch, can palpate the subtle rhythmic movements, a natural self-healing force called potency.  This motion is centred around the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes our spinal cord and brain. CST enables the body to self-regulate and come into balance. It is a powerful yet gentle form of treatment.



At your first session, a full case history is taken in order to get to know you. Treatments generally take place whilst lying on a couch and you are fully clothed. The session often starts with gentle touch at the feet and then move around the body using different hand holds. It may be necessary for the practitioner to stay in one place for several minutes to allow the system to settle and let go of whatever it is holding. You will be told what is happening throughout and will be encouraged to ‘listen’ to your own body in order to fully understand its needs.


Usually, the client has a deep sense of relaxation and may get the sensation they are floating. They may feel different types of releasing such as heat, tingling, fuzzing, stretching sensation, rippling water sensations, cold or occasionally an emotional release.


The effect may be immediate but often the body continues releasing over the following days and thereafter you should notice a difference in your well-being. Sometimes one session is enough but generally, depending on your history and the length of time you have had the symptoms, you may need several sessions. It is important to drink water and rest if you need to. You will also be encouraged to notice what makes you feel better, like exercise, food, mindfulness. Tips and exercises may also be given.


It can be suitable for a wide range of conditions such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks, neck and back pain, irritable bowel, fibromyalgia and migraines as it assists the body to use its own self-repair mechanism. When a client asks "Can you treat…..", Lulu’s response is that she treats the body as a whole. She focuses on the health within the system and she does not "treat" a symptom. It is remarkable what the body can do if it comes back into balance. As we go through life, we pile on stresses and strains to our bodies in the form of accidents, injuries, operations, abuse (both physical and emotional), bereavement, illnesses – all these add to the tension held within the physiology of the body and there comes a time when our body’s ‘coping level’ is breached. This is when, Lulu feels, that things start to go wrong. The body can no longer look after itself; it can no longer self-heal. There have been research studies throughout the world on the efficacy of CST with neck pain, quality of life, fibromyalgia, general pain, lower back pain, migraine and viral meningitis. For information please go to the CSTA website.

Emotional or physical blockages can be deeply manifested in the physiology of the body so this therapy is particularly suitable for releasing trauma.

"CST has really been the key to getting so much better much more quickly. For the first time in years, I feel sort of attached to my body, and that my body is alive."