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Lulu has been carrying out Distance or Distant Craniosacral Therapy (CST) for several years.  It is particularly useful when a client is unable to visit in person, whether it is because of severe illness or restrictions in travel. 

Connecting to the energy field within and around someone can be done at any distance.


The Quantum Physicists call it Quantum Entanglement.  The human body is a bio-magnetic field within the wider bio-magnetic field of the universe.  Every particle in us and around us is interconnected.  This is known as non-locality. 

Think of it as a web that connects all things.  All thoughts and every subatomic particle.  There is an interconnectedness with everything which holds us together in emotional and physical patterns.  As Lynne McTaggart says the universe is a "heaving sea of energy... one vast quantum field".  If you would like to learn more, here's a lecture called The Secrets Of Quantum Physics by Prof Jim Al-Khalili 


So the way Lulu explains it is that we all exist on difference frequencies, like radio stations, and that it is possible to tune into someone’s energy field and using distance CST can help the patterns reorganise. Lulu uses a framework of CST and Reiki both being a form of energy healing.


It all began when one of her clients was out of the country on business and needed a session and she offered to treat her remotely.  Her client felt everything as if she was in the room as Lulu so she decided to offer it to everyone not just existing clients.



Charges for a distance session are £60 per hour and are paid by PayPal at the time of booking.

Lulu is a UK based practitioner and is governed by UK jurisdiction.

"I’ve been releasing for two days now, the anxiety is massively relieved and I feel more grounded, thank you."

“Thank you so much for the treatment, it was just the same as if I was in the room with you.  I instantly felt the “flow” around my body and feel better already.”

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