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The Soul, Reincarnation and Past Life Trauma

It started a couple of years ago. Initially, only one or two clients a month would report weird intuitions or visions during a Craniosacral Therapy session.

I don't get visions myself, very occasionally I get a thought that pops into my head, but in the main, it just feels like something very profound is going on. For the client, they often see visions behind their eyes, maybe also smell or taste, or just have a deep sense of inner knowing.

My clients would shake, inwardly, like every cell was involved. Deeper than the normal sense of trauma releasing. Sometimes so strong that I was shaking too. It feels like it is out of my hands. I have learnt to 'hold' the space for my clients, speaking to them to reassure and ground them, and allow the process to resolve itself in its own time. More often than not, it would take the entire session to release a past life trauma. Generally, at the end of the session, the client feels such a sense of relief and understanding of their current behaviours or beliefs. We usually sit in utter amazement about what just happened and every time, we say "WOW!" It can be a very liberating experience and I feel honoured and blessed to be part of the process.

It built up over the years to around one or two a day and as I treat five clients a day, this means more than 20%. I have had North American slaves who had been chained, a fighter pilot who drowned when his plane went down, arrows in shoulders, knives in necks, cannon balls in legs, many hangings or executions and several burnings. I had so many and from so many different clients, that for me it is absolutely without question that reincarnation happens.

That got me to beginning to understand the soul. The past life experiences also revealed that at some stage my clients may have been the opposite sex or have a different coloured skin. Clients often have had many reincarnations, so several traumatic deaths or experiences, that need resolving. When I say 'need' resolving, none of this is forced. That's not the way I work. If it needs to be resolved, it will come up. If it doesn't, a normal 'this incarnation' session will happen, dealing with what this life has thrown at you.

As I have said many times, we are simply souls in bodies. My understanding of reincarnation reinforces that the colour of our skin shouldn't be a 'thing'.

Also for those who struggle with sexuality, maybe in their previous incarnation they lived as one sex and in this one they are the opposite sex. It could mean that you are not comfortable with the body your soul is currently in. Reincarnation really explains a lot.

If you have got this far in the article and you are thinking it's all a load of rubbish, or you want to know more, then do watch "Surviving Death" on Netflix. Released several weeks ago, it is a six series documentary on near death experiences, mediumship, ghosts, reincarnation and the dead leaving us signs that they are ok. At last, director Ricki Stern, and many contributors have been brave enough to put this together.

If you still don't believe in it, then I hope you will in your next life!

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