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Monday Mindfulness evenings and Children's Mental Health Week

Lulu and Kathryn will be hosting a series of Mindfulness evenings in West Tanfield Memorial Hall over four weeks, starting on Monday, 14th March.

During each session, children, teenagers and adults will be shown techniques to help reduce anxiety and calm the mind, including meditation. Mindfulness includes practices supported by neuroscience for stress reduction, relaxation and emotional equilibrium.

Each Monday there will be three groups:

5-5.30pm: Children under 12 years accompanied by a parent or guardian (£2 per person for each session)

6-7pm: Teenagers accompanied by a parent or guardian (£3 per person for each session)

7:30-8:30pm: Adults (£7 per person)

The impact on our wellbeing and mental toll of the pandemic is still being felt and will be for many months and years to come. There has never been a more important time to shine the spotlight on mental health and particularly the needs of our children and teenagers.

Children’s Mental Health Week this week is a timely awareness campaign highlighting the impact of the pandemic on our children's mental health. The vast majority of staff working in UK schools (95%) have witnessed increased levels of pupil anxiety since the start of the school year, according to new research published by Place2Be and the National School Leaders’ Union NAHT.

A new poll of educational professionals, released today by Place2Be and NAHT, reveals an increased prevalence of other mental health issues among pupils this school year, including:

  • 86% noted an increase in low self-esteem

  • 76% said they’d seen an increase in depression

  • 68% witnessed an increase in sustained feelings of anger

For staff working in secondary schools, 72% have noticed an increase in self-harm, 61% in suicidal thoughts, and 56% in eating difficulties among pupils.

Practising mindfulness is an effective way to teach children and teenagers to recognise and cope with stress and anxiety, manage difficult situations and cope with exams, to improve concentration, to appreciate what is going well and to flourish.

About Kathryn

Kathryn worked in school leadership for seventeen years and also for five years as an Independent Schools Inspector. She has a particular specialism in working with families, children and adolescents, and also with adults who work in schools. Kathryn now offers Mindfulness teaching to children in schools, as well as in her private practice.

For more information email:

If you would like to book your place on our Mindfulness evenings please visit the appointments page on the website where you can book your place. Payment will be taken on the door.

To read the full article from Place2Be click here.

*Children and Teenagers must be accompanied by an adult.

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