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Help for non-verbal people

Do you know anyone who is Non-verbaAutistic? Please tell anyone you know who cares for someone who suffers from non-verbal autism. I really need your help to spread the word. You may have heard about a new way of communicating called S2C (Spelling to Communicate) and a recent book called ‘Underestimated’ by J B Handley and Jamison Handley. It has blown the doors off the old way of treating those who are locked in and suffering from autism. I urge you to read the book, you will not be disappointed, even if you don’t know anyone with autism, it will change your understanding of them. S2C was developed by Elizabeth Vosseller who is the CEO of I-ASC and Growing Kids Therapy Centre in Virginia, USA. Currently there is no-one qualified to teach it in mainland UK. However, Anna Lechleiter is a qualified S2C practitioner and lives in Ireland. She is coming over in October with the CEO, Elizabeth Vosseller to meet several families to teach the technique. She may come over for longer if there is more interest. There is a film being made about this so when that is launched I suspect the interest will be huge. S2C uses letterboards to facilitate communication for people who are non-verbal. She unlocks their thoughts through spelling, thus enabling them to communicate. It is an inspirational book about Jamie, a seventeen-year-old with autism who breaks through his 'prison of silence'. Jamie is a highly intelligent individual who prior to learning S2C often felt frustrated with the presumptions of his lack of intellectual ability. Anna is happy to come to Tanfield Wellness if there is sufficient interest in S2C here. After that, she is more than happy to make regular trips to the UK to continue coaching. Her website is If you are a family who is interested please email You will be added to the list of families in England included in a mailing list to be contacted regarding the outreach in October. Anna says that to have “the opportunity to meet and work with the brains behind S2C, Elizabeth, is wonderful. She is amazing!” Please feel free to send this to as many people as possible.
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