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Exploring the 5D Ascension: A Guide to Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening


There's a big shift going on within us and our planet. Some of you will know exactly what I am talking about and others will be confused. If it is something that you don't fully understand, let it wash over you. But, please be curious, that's all I ask. Just don't miss it.

There are so many people who have bigger platforms than me to get the message across so I'm going to leave it to them. But I am on board with all of the people mentioned in my list at the bottom of this blog.

In the meantime, here's a little taster to whet your appetite. We are evolving as humans and the changes are being discussed widely now and felt all over the world. We are becoming more psychic, more intuitive, more sensitive and more knowing. A veil has lifted from our eyes and we can see more. I don't necessarily mean physically see things, although that has increased but I mean see as in a clarity of what is happening in our world and the way we engage with each other and everything on it.

Look up 'quantum entanglement' which is about us all being linked energetically. That's the physics name and then look into the words 'non-locality'. We are all part and parcel of the whole. We are connected to everything. So something deeper to think about, why wouldn't be be kind to everyone and everything, because it is actually us. If we are being unkind to others, then we are being unkind to ourselves. Get it? No, then let me come at it from another angle.

On a recent trip to India, I visited a Jain Temple. I had never heard of the Jain faith. I visited five different temples, all different religions and linked into the energy at each place. I wanted to get a feel for the buildings and the energy within them. They all felt so different. The one that felt the strongest and most pure, the one that made the top of my list for aligning to a religion, was the Jain one. It felt strong, powerful and had a sense of a link to 'home'; where my soul came from.

Every place we visit we are connecting into different energies. Not just people's energy but an energy of the building or area. Sometimes we can think that an activation within us, a shift in our energy field, is something happening to us, that it is ours. But be curious as to where it comes from. So often it is not ours; we interpret our own sensations and assume they are ours. Maybe you are picking up on someone else's? When I analyse and work out that it doesn't belong to me, the sensations disperse. By not owning them, you can let them go.

There's lots going on in the cosmos too. The energies are rising everywhere. Solar flares have been increasing in activity over the last few years. The recent solar eclipse and simultaneous new moon feeling very strong and easy to palpate. When I meditated and linked in at the precise time, it felt powerful, very similar to the Jain temple energy interestingly. I've heard from many clients saying they could sense the intensity or it made their heart miss a beat. Some have said they have been feeling very tired and cannot sleep. So think about the scale of what is happening in your life. It's perhaps not just you, it's everywhere!

There's also the strongest planetary conjunction with Jupiter and Uranus, coming up on 20th April, the effect we will also feel.

With all this going on, what does it mean?

It means is that there will be more people waking up. More spiritual awakenings, just as I wrote about in my recent book, will be happening particularly now and the next few months. We are in for an upgrade and it's happening right now. It's a shift in our evolution. From an astrological point of view it is all about shedding the old and welcoming in the new. That will relate to everything on the planet, not just us personally.

Ultimately we are all energetic beings and connected to each other, to the earth and everything on it and to infinity and beyond!

There's plenty to think about and if you're hungry for more go on YouTube and listen to such as Pam Gregory, Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Nancy Rebecca, Jim Self, Tim Whild, Sandi Sedgebeer, Robert Edward Grant. I have mentioned Dr Emoto and his water experiments in the past, so look up Veda Austin and Dr Alex Ling on groundbreaking research on water.

There's plenty to keep you busy. Enjoy!

Are you aware of the shift? Would you like more blogs like this?

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