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Craniosacral Therapy. Did you know....

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

National Complementary Therapy Week

It's National Complementary Therapy Week, so we are taking the opportunity to focus on some of the therapies offered here at Tanfield Wellness, give you a deeper understanding of what they are about and perhaps dispel some myths! Watch this space for updates throughout the week.

Craniosacral Therapy Did you know….Craniosacral Therapy is not a head massage! Every treatment is different because we all have different stories. The practitioner uses very light touch and no manipulation. It’s about tuning into the patterns held within the body and allowing them to gently release. So we don’t chase the symptoms because there are deeper forces within the system that are holding the symptoms. By palpating these deeper forces, holding, offering space and stillness the body can naturally release the held tension and bring the body back into balance.

These deeper forces can be as a result of a difficult birth, childhood issues, bereavement, abuse, divorce, accidents, injuries, operations. So CST is perfect for anyone of any age. And because these deeper forces can be as a result of a combination of difficulties and the reorganising into balance happens with your body being in charge, early years or birth trauma can even be released in the elderly.

My oldest client ever treated was 92 years old and my youngest client was 3 days old!

I think every baby should have CST within a week of their birth to help them recover from their birth trauma. Even if you think your baby suffered no trauma, they will have. It's a very small space to push through. If you have a C Section, that too is traumatic because it was not what the baby was expecting.

Trauma can remain in the body for many years, perhaps your whole life. If your body is telling you it is stuck by being in pain, anxious, tired or suffering from illnesses then CST could help you free it up.

Someone once described it as doing "Control, Alt, Delete" and rebooting their body. Just as a computer can grind to a halt, so too can your body.

Lulu Ferrand RCST

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