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Alexander Technique - what is it?

Would you like to move with the ease and freedom you did as a child ? Then the Alexander Technique is for you. It gets to the root cause of your problem.

It is a re -education of how you move and perform. As a child you subconsciously copied the adults who brought you up such as your parents and school teachers.

As over 98% of people in the western world have lost their natural good use you can see how it is perpetuated. Also people have had accidents through their lives for example falling off a horse or bike and maybe a car crash and now mobile phones and tablets are seriously affecting posture. All these events affect you alignment and how your body copes with gravity affecting your use (how you move) and how your body functions.

The Alexander Technique can be used for any activity you are doing from walking, playing an instrument, sitting at a computer or even if you are relaxing it can be helpful as you consciously connect your mind and body. You become aware of your habits and some of these may be interfering with your natural good use.

In a one to one session Hilary will ask you about your health, any events as outlined above as well as your lifestyle and then she will observe how you stand and sit. This will inform Hilary of your basic co-ordination. She will then start teaching you the Alexander Technique with gentle hands on realigning how you sit, stand and move improving your co-ordination. Part of a session maybe on a table in the semi supine position or walking.

The Alexander Technique helps you naturally overcome:-

Muscle tension and stiffness

Back neck and joint pain

Poor posture

Breathing and vocal problems

Anxiety and stress

It is used by people to :-

Ease back ,neck and joint pain

De- stress

Improve performance and prevent injury in music, drama and sport.

Enhance business and presentation skills.

Develop ease and effortless movement

Support pregnancy and childbirth.

Would you like to :-

Be poised without stiffness

Move gracefully with less effort

Breath and speak more easily

Be calm and confident.

Please contact Hilary to book your free 10 min. phone consultation

or book a one to one session on this website to see how the Alexander Technique can help you..

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