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Youth Support Group

This summer Allanah established a youth support group to provide teens and young adults with tools to help them manage and overcome symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

This is a free service to support all our young, as we believe there is an urgent need to help them gain a healthy perspective on life and rediscover the joy that is everyone's birthright.

The group is currently in the format of a Whats App group, supported by an extensive group of therapists and healers, all providing tools and tips via videos, links and monthly Q&A zoom calls.

We are in the process of building a website which will provide a one stop hub of all the valuable resources and information provided in the whats app group. We also aim to establish a charity to ensure that money is not a barrier for those who need to engage more formally with the various therapies we offer.

Until the charity is established, for those young who wish to book a session with Allanah for a Soul Plan Reading or Life Coaching, she offers a student rate (16-23 yr olds) of £25 (usually £65 for a full soul plan reading / £45 for a coaching session). The Whats App Group and the support it provides is, of course, FREE.

If either your children, or any young you know are struggling, please get in touch with Allanah and we will be delighted to welcome them into the group and help in any way we can. Her mobile number is 07768 121966

There is a brighter world ahead for our young, and we are helping to build it.

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