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What does 'being an empath' really mean?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

If you are the kind of person who prefers to be in open spaces, in nature or spend time with small groups of people rather than crowds, then you could very well be an empath. Empaths also struggle with energy, with wi-fi, watching horror movies or the news, just simply linking in with conversations that are heavy and emotional they will find difficult.

Empaths often are highly intuitive, they can absorb other people’s emotions and often become overwhelmed. Because they are highly sensitive, they often prefer to spend time alone and can be described as introverted.

So, if you feel drained with intense situations, dislike cities and crowds and find watching the news impactful then this is also a sign of being an empath.

Often when clients visit me and say they’re an empath, they say it with a negative connotation; that it is something that is a burden that it makes life difficult to function normally. It can be a burden if you are unaware of how to look after and connect with your own energy. Once you realise how to do this then being an empath is a blessing not a curse. You will begin to realise that some of your emotions, feelings and sensitivities are not actually yours; that you may well be tapping into other people’s energy or a particular subject and therefore the energy field around that subject.

Once you realise this it’s a lot easier to know what’s yours and what isn’t yours. One of the most important things I feel an empath should get used to, is being positive. This not only means the way you think and the way you speak needs to be in a positive manner but also those whom you engage with need to be positive. Being an empath often means you’re a good listen listener, so friends and relatives will come to you and offload their worries onto you.

When you understand your own energy field and what creates over sensitivity and stimulation, you can start to work with avoiding these things. Knowing what overwhelm is yours and what isn’t yours as in knowing your own energy field and realising someone else’s energy field is affecting you, means that you become aware of your own boundaries. This can often be with intention, so by just saying to yourself I know that’s not my stuff means your body says ‘Ahha’ and relaxes. When your mind is saying ‘Oh my goodness, why am I reacting like this?’ it stimulates your body even more and can feel overwhelming. So, getting to understand how your energy functions, understanding your boundaries, where physically you feel calmer, the activities you feel better by doing, the manner you speak to people, all these things will help you to be in control of your empathic, sensitive, energetic body.

All the therapists at Tanfield Wellness have the skills to help not only adults but children as well who are empaths.

When I qualified 10 years ago, we had been trained to sense and tune into the energy field surrounding the body and we found it to be 3 feet out from the body generally. The human body, our DNA and energies in and around the body are evolving. More of us will describe ourselves as empaths and more than ever are struggling with our energetic bodies. Over the last five years, every client I have treated has an energy field of, on average, around 10 feet from the body. No-one has a 3ft energy field anymore.

I find this fact fascinating. So, think about when you’re in a gathering of people all with their 10 feet energy fields around them, we are linking in with other people’s energy and being affected by other people’s energy.

It is up to each and every one of us to look after our own bodies and energy fields so that we have as clean an energy field as we possibly can; this means that those around us are not affected by what is going on with us.

I often treat whole families because clearing and rebalancing one member of the family is great but when they go home and mix with other energies, they’re picking up the things that are going on with other members of the family. I equip my clients with the skills needed to understand that body physically, emotionally and spiritually so that they can connect in with themselves and read their own energy field.I help them to know what’s theirs and what isn’t and to be able to interact with others whilst holding themselves in their own energy field and not getting absorbed in what they are feeling.

So, hone the gift of being an empath; embrace your sensitivity; tune In with the intuitiveness and become aware of who you really are - a soul having a human experience.

Lulu Ferrand

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