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Tips for Grounding

When we engage with our inner quiet and feel the body is a safe space we can turn inside which help us experience joy, pleasure, the feeling of safety and builds happy hormones. Thoughts are not any more powerful than body sensations. Thoughts need not be trusted over body sensations and feelings. Turning inside helps us understand that difficulties and pain don’t last forever and we begin to understand how the mind and body are connected.

The body responds to external environment with constriction, blockages, muscle tension or unbalance when threatened or misused.

The body remembers inner feelings, sensations and memories when vulnerable, emotionally triggered or touched.

The body changes all the time.

The body’s experience does not last.

The body is capable of healing and repair at any time.

The body’s wisdom comes forth when attended to, or related to with kindness, curiosity and patience.

The body is the most important place for healing and transformation.

(Manuela Mischke-Reeds, Psychotherapist and Author)

Starting check in questions

1. Ask yourself – how is my body feeling today?

2. What sensation is that feeling giving me?

3. Where is the sensation?

4. If it could speak what would it say?

Grounding to de-stress

Grounding is a health habit to help you when you feel tired, triggered, irritated or something has bothered you. Its purpose is to reconnect you with your joy, well-being and to return to calm.

1. Check in with yourself:

Am I? Tired? Irritated? Disconnected from joy/flow? Triggered emotionally?

Sensory overloaded? Not feeling in my body? Triggered physically?

Resistant about something/someone?

Take a few deep breaths and say “it is okay; it’s a rough day. This will pass. I now need to come back to my body”.

2. Take a posture that is comfy for you. Since you have named your current feeling or body sense, take a breath and acknowledge where you are at.

3. Tune your attention and go inside (eyes open or closed).

4. Quickly scan your body, if you are sensing irritation where in your body is it?

5. Place your hand on the body area. Take a breath and exhale slowly, melting the experience.

6. Feel your feet on the ground.

7. Gently push into your feet, as if you’re doing a slow walk on the spot.

8. Imagine you are pushing away beneath you.

9. Now imagine your feet are planted bare foot in the grass or on the ground. Keep walking, pushing and breathing out for 3 minutes.

10. Stop, pause and notice your body. Sense and see with your inner imagination the ground underneath you that is supporting you right now. It isn’t just imagination, it is a fact.

11. Is there any change? How is your body now?

12. Repeat “I feel ……… right now, I feel ………. In my body. I am letting go of ……………. And I am grounding.

Royal Relaxation

Royal relaxation is a technique that can ground you when you feel ‘thrown’ off your throne.

Sit in a chair or on the floor. Be relaxed, yet alert and sit with your shoulders aligned with your hips. Make sure your head is also aligned and slightly tuck your chin in to give an elongated neck in the back.

It allows you to shift into a different perspective that can be helpful when you feel tired, bored, annoyed or stuck. This simple body-awareness technique becomes a healthy habit.

· Imagine yourself on the throne, regal and relaxed

· Close your eyes

· Check your inner posture by sensing this quiet inside

Whenever you remind yourself to sit this way it will trigger your body memory of a relaxed and calm state.

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