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If you are on a spiritual journey some of this will resonate and some maybe won't. If you're someone who hasn't started your spiritual journey yet, you may find this difficult to understand. Ask your heart and soul whether there's truth in what I am about to say rather than your brain! If you feel goosebumps then it's your soul saying it gets what you are reading!

You may have noticed the changes happening around us. The incredible sunrises and sunsets, the sky looks a different colour, cloud formations, the air feels thinner, the sun brighter and a feeling of a closer connection with nature. Our energetic frequencies are being raised. That means not only for us humans but the earth too. So every living thing is feeling the change. This is happening everywhere.

If you've got this far in reading this and now think I've gone crazy, pause it and come back to it in a few months when you're ready to learn more. Or delete it from your memory! I will go on to explain what is happening and how you can help yourself through this awakening.

Living in the 3D (third dimension) means you are a person living with your blinkers on. We all know people like this. They will be focussed on themselves, their money or lack of it, their possessions, engaging with fear and anger and worry about the state of the world. I used to be like that!

The 4D layer of people are the ones that realise there's a better way of living and are fighting against the injustices. However, they are also engaging in negativity, fear and dread.

The 5D layer of humans - they are the ones who are trusting the process of what is going on. They live from their hearts, speaking and thinking in a positive way. They are disengaged from the news and other information that doesn't serve them. They are waking up. They are spiritually aware. They engage with the high frequency that comes with positivity, in either people or tasks. They ask for help from the angels, arch angels, or whoever they feel connected to. If you engage with a lower frequency, it can drag you down. If you're feeling emotional at reading this bit or feel a heightened buzz in your body then it's your soul calling out to you - listen to it and read on.

It may feel as if there's lots of heavy burdens to shed. It may be difficult for some of you. All I would say, is give yourself permission to let it go and bathe in the light. Connect yourself to the earth somehow, perhaps taking your shoes off and trust that this needs to leave you. Connect with joy, positivity and happiness as much as you can.

Why, we ask ourselves? Well, for thousands of years we have been brutal to each other, fear, envy, jealousy, hatred, killing each other. We haven't been listening to what our souls have been trying to tell us. It's time to change. To put a stop to the fighting and arguing. To live the way we're intended to live. It's that simple.

So how do we deal with it? Whatever happens we need to trust that this is happening for the higher good of the planet and beyond, and every living thing on our planet. TRUST. Sit with it. Make sure there is plenty of light coming into your crown and showering you in loving, glowing light. Imagine there is a light in your heart and connect with it. It may be tough but we will all learn a huge amount from this. Surround yourself with the 'good stuff'!

And do reach out for help if you can't manage this on your own.

Stay high!


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