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Sacred sites and linking with the energy

So many people misinterpret their own energy when visiting sites. Some even say the energy is not good. This blog is to help you to engage with your energy when visiting a sacred site.

Recently our local sacred site, Thornborough Henges has been on the news. Tarmac LTD having gifted two henges they own, to the nation. English Heritage are now in charge of looking after this wonderful place. The third henge is privately owned.

I've been visiting the henges for a long time. In fact, I grew up living two fields away from the southern henge. In my younger days, I didn't recognise the significance of the site. I certainly do now.

The Thornborough Henges are aligned using the same trajectory as Orion's Belt, so too are the pyramids of Giza. Other sacred sites around the world are also aligned with other constellations. I'm sure we only know a fraction about them but what is certain, because of the energy I feel there, is that they are incredibly important link with our earth and the rest of our universe and beyond.

In the past year, I have visited other sites such as Arbor Low, Long Meg, Avebury and Glastonbury Tor as well as the Thornborough Henges. At the busier sites it feels like there's a lot of our human junk that's being dumped there. I sense the heaviness and the emotion. I douse to get the yes answer. It feels like we humans have been visiting these sites and offloading our woes, cleansing ourselves! So the first part of my visiting sites is often a clearing of this negative energy.

So I'm going to explain what I do when visiting a site so it will help you connect in too because in doing so, it naturally cleans you anyway! This is what I do, please do not feel that you have to copy. Go with your gut, feel with your senses and do what feels right to you.

So when I set the intention that I am going to a sacred site I may feel a build up of energy as the time gets closer. This is my soul getting excited not my body telling me I shouldn't go. (This happened recently when I went with a friend; she was misinterpreting the energy)

When I arrive, I may decide to sit in the car or stand nearby allowing my system to settle with the energy there. I sometimes feel something in my body, I sit with it and let it settle.

I usually set sacred space (see a previous blog) then I check in with myself as to what is required. Quite often I walk the perimeter either anticlockwise or clockwise, whatever feels right. It is important to do all of this in silence with a quiet mind. Then when I get a sense that I can go inside the sacred site, in my mind or out loud, I ask permission to enter it.

Then I just am open as to what comes up, using my heart and soul and not my mind. I get a sense of whether something needs to be cleared or to connect to energy either within the earth or in the cosmos. Sometimes I may feel, hear or see. Sometimes I see with my eyes open or sometimes with my eyes closed. I am open and keeping the ego mind at bay, I let information come in as to what is needed.

I walk slowly, mindfully and with respect then I know where to be. Sometimes I am on the edge, sometimes in the middle and sometimes going inside is not what is needed.

I always connect in with my own heart, link down to the centre of the earth, feeling my feet solid on the ground, then link in with the relevant constellation. And then I stay quiet and wait. I often feel a strong energy, either coming in through me or out. It feels like I'm connecting in with home. It can be emotional or you may be more aware of your body's sensations. All of this is you releasing as well as connecting. Sometimes I see pictures and have an idea what I connected to, other times I have to be satisfied with "something happened".

Just go with your intuition and do everything slowly and mindfully.

Finally, I thank the energy of the site for the experience I have just had. It usually feels like I get a wave of appreciation back!

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