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REBOOT Yourself

I’m so thrilled about getting going again and many of you are asking when do we start. We open on the 6th July at the newly renovated treatment rooms at Tanfield Wellness, near Ripon, North Yorkshire. Not long now!

In all the excitement, I haven’t forgotten those of you who are concerned about leaving your homes or restricted from leaving. So here’s what I have been working on over the past twelve weeks.

I’ve been trying all sorts of exercise, meditations, chakra clearing, mindfulness – anything that came my way! I'm quite lazy when it comes to exercise so this plan is based around my recommendation of a group of fantastic tools and tips to reboot you and get you back on track. I’ve had many meetings with Laura, who is starting at Tanfield Wellness, and she has a host of other things she does as well as acupuncture and massage.

Between us and with the help of many hours of research, we have come up with a REBOOT programme which will last 4 weeks and is done online. It is perfect for those of you who are struggling with stress, feeling as if you can’t cope, no inspiration, feel stuck, maybe not sleeping well. Maybe you need a nudge to deal with your wellbeing? You know you can feel better than this but lacking motivation to do something about it. Well here it is.

You will join our online members area and each week we add on videos, meditations, guides, exercises, grounding, protection etc. It will be particularly good for those of you who are new to meditation. You also receive two distance healing sessions which you can lie down or chose to ignore if you’re a sceptic! The programme starts off gently with short exercises, short meditations and builds up. Over the four weeks, you will then work out what it is that suits you, the length of time for each action and you create your own package. Something you can download and use later, for years to come.

That's the bit about this programme that I really like. We are all different, not everybody takes to yoga, for example. Some practices work for some and not for others. So let's work out what it is that suits you.

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