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Lulu tries a Soul Plan Session

We are thrilled to have Allanah, a Transformation Coach who joined the team at Tanfield Wellness in February 2021. Of course, I had to give it a go myself!

All I gave her was my name and date of birth. She spend several days interpreting and analysing by channelling, numerology and ancient affirmation techniques. I honestly don’t understand how It’s done but that doesn’t worry me. There are plenty of things in life that cannot be explained, it doesn’t mean they don’t work.

We booked an hours appointment online for my soul plan reading.

Well, it’s like a horoscope on speed! It’s incredible! So detailed and so, so accurate. Around 10 pages (she gave me a copy of it) of very detailed information, covering my attributes, possible challenges and potential limiting beliefs. It is divided into a world perspective and spiritual perspective. In both areas, the plan lists my challenges, talents and goals. At the end of every paragraph, I’m agreeing with everything she tells me, it’s spot on! One of the big challenges in life came up as getting distracted and having an inability to finish tasks - so accurate!

But a Soul Plan is so much more; it feels like your very own personal guide book for life. It doesn’t change throughout your life: it’s your soul's plan. You may still be struggling with some of the challenges or not worked out what direction you should be taking or you may have worked some of this out already. This is the road you are on. It is a profoundly affirming life navigational tool.

For the last part of the appointment, we do a very powerful meditation; we were very much at another level of consciousness and messages were flowing. It felt like I was ‘home’. So much so, I didn’t really want to come back! But when we did, the first thing I said was “Wow!”

It was an incredible session and I now have my Life Guidebook which I will refer back to often for prompts and reminders. Although my life’s challenges and limitations are listed in black and white, it is definitely a positive read. There’s an inner knowing that everything in the Soul Plan is right, that everything in life is going to be ok, because there is a plan and purpose. It focuses the mind and instills confidence.

This experience confirmed for me that life's challenges do have a purpose and it's all about growth; encouragingly it seems the talents we are given allow us to overcome these challenges therefore allowing the growth to happen. An "Ah ha" moment!

I admit, my life, in the main, has been going according to plan and it is reassuring to hear that it is but, I wish I’d had my Soul Plan done about 20 years ago!

Allanah Bourne-Arton, a Soul Transformation Coach, the newest member of the team.

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