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Have you noticed people tapping?


(also known as tapping)


Matrix Reimprinting

Thank you to one of our clients for her feedback after experiencing EFT & Matric Reimprinting – see if this resonates with you, because this therapy may be what you are looking for.

I was experiencing severe panic attacks and palpitations, which, although I’ve experienced a lot of trauma in my past, seemed to appear out of nowhere, at a time when my life felt at its calmest.

Allanah explained about how the body keeps the score. The body stores the memory of our traumatic experiences deep within the body, in an endeavour to remove the pain so you can move on with your life and get back on your feet again. However, over time when the body feels it is safe to do so, it alerts us that there is something within it to be addressed and some healing to be done. This then presents as anxiety or depression, looping patterns of behaviour or physical symptoms.

Allanah’s methods of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting enabled me to revisit my past in the third person while tapping through the trauma, addressing the limiting beliefs the trauma had created within me, and allowing me to see the situations as they truly were and not how my traumatised self believed they were. This process unravelled the inbuilt untruths my subconscious mind had been conditioned to believe and replaced them with truths. Although we can rationalise in our conscious mind, nothing changes sustainably until we can get deeper into the subconscious mind which is where the beliefs are established. It is at this level that we truly heal.

Anyone struggling with their mental health deserves a saviour like Allanah to enter their life!

I had tried various methods of counselling throughout the years but with little or no success, and to be perfectly honest, if this method had not been delivered by default, at a time when I was in sheer desperation, I wouldn’t have given it a shot as I had become a little disillusioned with therapy! As Allanah put it when I explained how I found her, “You followed the breadcrumbs that lead you here and you have yourself and the Universe to thank for that”.

From our first phone conversation, her reassuring voice explained that we could work through this and I could live a wonderful anxiety free life. It was like someone not only shining a light in my anxiety fuelled dark tunnel, but opening a door and releasing me from it.

I feel I’ve finally closed the door to my past and allowed myself a bright shiny future. So much has changed for me since starting my sessions with Allanah. I know there may be little bumps in the road, because life is not straightforward, but Allanah has equipped me with the tools and coping methods to deal with them, with a fresh understand that I am not my thoughts, I am so much more than that! I will always be immensely grateful.

If you would like to try this therapy, click here to book a session with Allanah or call her on 07768121966.

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