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For a sensitive energetic body

Some of us have wide energy fields and are sensitive to other people’s energy fields.  We often get the sense that we are picking emotions and even physical sensations from someone else.  If you go to visit someone who is depressed and you come away feeling flat, then you have picked their energy up.  The same applies when you visit someone who is overjoyed, a bit can rub off on you.  This can become a problem if you are living with someone and picking up their energy. If this is you, there are ways you can protect yourself.

Do regular grounding exercises.  Think about your feet on the ground and being attached to the earth.  

Imagine there is a white light above you.  Imagine it pouring into the top of your head.  It slowly goes down your body and picks up any negative bits that you do not need and then imagine it pouring into the earth.  Do this three times.  Then gather up a protective bubble from your feet and bring it over your body creating in your mind a Ready Brek glow that has no gaps.  I do an extra one and say to myself “And a double bubble to keep me out of trouble”  If you are really sensitive, this needs to be done several times a day. 

Be aware that thoughts are energy and so negative thoughts will have a negative impact on you.  Train yourself to only speak in a positive way.  It will make you stronger.  So turn “I don’t want to be late” into “I want to be on time”.  

Some of us are sensitive to EMF radiation emitted from computers and wifi.  Using an earthing mat (available from Amazon) whilst working with a computer will help you.  Also to help with sleep issues, turn off the wifi at the router at night time.  Certainly do not have a mobile phone by the side of your bed.  It will be emitting EMF radiation all night and your body needs to rest.  If it goes through a wall, it goes through your body.

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