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Even the dense matter of our bodies is made up of energy, vibrating at various frequencies. Our energy and vibration is influenced by many things and it does not only extend just to the shape of our bodies. It extends beyond our physical bodies into what we call our energy fields.

Science now acknowledges that it is much more than just our DNA that influences our mental and physical health and wellbeing, how we respond to life’s experiences and ultimately whether we remain in ‘survival’ or ‘thriving’ mode’ in our lives. What we now know for certain is that it is what we gather through life’s experiences and our environment that is held within our energy fields, and it is this that is having a far greater effect on our experience of life than our DNA.

So keeping our energy fields healthy is a vital part of enjoying a happy and fulfilling life. This requires having an energetic clear out periodically.

One of the ways we can keep our energy fields clear and healthy is by using a simple yet extremely powerful technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This involves tapping lightly on a number of meridian or energy points on our bodies as depicted in the image below. This has the effect of calming the Central Nervous System (CNS), taking us out of our sympathetic nervous system of high alert and ‘fight flight’ and bringing us into the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and repair – allowing the body to do what is it naturally designed to do which is to heal.

In this process we literally ‘tap’ into the issues which are causing the stress state to occur in the first place. Such issues are invariably lodged in our energy fields and have found their way there through trauma experienced along the journey through life. No matter how big or small the traumas we experience they remain in our energy fields until we clear them out, having the effect of heavier and heavier baggage weighing us down. While we may not be consciously aware of such traumas in our conscious minds our bodies speak to us through emotions and ailments. It is important to listen. Our bodies don’t lie.

Through EFT we can address issues arising from trauma, calm the central nervous system, and gain clarity on issues all of which bring great relief and helps to clear our energy. This has a significant effect on every aspect of our health, and can manifest in very positive ways in our lives. EFT is something we can teach our clients to do themselves once they have experienced how it works with us they have a tool for life, keeping their energy fields clear and healthy.

However, often it is not just the actual trauma that is causing us problems in our lives but the ‘belief’ which developed as a result of that trauma i.e. ‘It is my fault’, ‘I am not safe’, ‘I am not loved’, ‘No one cares’ etc. So in recent years EFT has been taken a significant step further through the work of a remarkable EFT master Karl Dawson in a technique he calls Matrix Reimprinting (EFT MRA). EFTMR addresses the false beliefs within your quantum healing field and reimprints truths in a truly profound way. This is something we are trained to do at Tanfield Wellness and are experiencing profound results with our clients. We have seen chronic long-term anxiety, irrational fears and phobias and others emotional and physical conditions shift and heal through EFTMRA. These are gifts to mankind which enable us to do what we are designed to do, to heal and live fulfilling lives.

Allanah Bourne-Arton

EFT MRA Practitioner

Holistic Life Coach

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