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Bubble of rainbow protection

We use the solar plexus chakra as our centre point. Each colour we breathe in gathers there, at a cellular level and on the out breath it expands, moving through our physical body, cleansing it. It then continues to the outer edge of our auric field, cleansing that too. Finally, the colour shrinks giving us the first band around our body. We then start to build up the layers outside that. Just like the layers of an onion. (The solar plexus is an area under your breast, the hole between the rib cage, around the stomach area)

Sit quietly and take two deep breaths.

· Feet chakra – visualise the colour brown at your feet. As you breathe in visualise it moving up your legs and body to the solar plexus. As you breathe out visualise it expanding through your body and out to the outer edge of your auric field, cleansing the body and aura. It then shrinks to form a 2” layer of brown around your physical body.

· Knees chakra – visualise ochre (reddish brown), again bring it up to the solar plexus, breathe it out to the edge of your energy field and then let it drop back to form a 2” layer over the brown layer.

· Base chakra – (coccyx) red, breathe in and bring it up and do the same as the others allowing it to add another layer around your body

· Sacral chakra – orange, continue as above

· Solar plexus – yellow, breathe in yellow into the solar plexus and breathe out from the same chakra out to form another layer

· Heart chakra – green, on the in-breath take it down to the solar plexus and continue with the layers.

· Thymus or Higher Heart chakra – aquamarine

· Throat chakra – dark blue

· Third eye – purple

· Crown Chakra – white

· Soul Star Chakra – Above the crown, breathe in silver and make another layer.

· Divine Gateway Chakra – Breathe in gold and make another layer

Your chakras are cleansed as is your body and auric field.

Now, go to your heart and imagine an octahedron (two pyramids on top of each other base to base, like a diamond) of light in it and say “I shine my light”

I recommend that this is done daily, at least once when you wake. If you like you can do it again before going to bed.

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