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A Clear Energy Field

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

I have given so many of the a hand out which was called "Energy Field Protection". It didn't quite sit with me very well and now I've realised why. It was steeped in negativity.

When we talk about protecting ourselves, we are implying there is danger out there, something we need to fear, something we need protection from. By even considering this negativity gives it air time! It means in one way or another we are engaging in the fear. That is something that must be avoided.

So I have created another version. I have taken out the negative insinuations and implications and focussed on having a clear energy field.

All we have to be clean and clear is within us. We just need to tune into it and turn it on. So in your heart, put an octahedron of light in it, and let it shine out to the whole of your body. This is what an octahedron looks like, two pyramids base to base.

I'm feeling that everything is so much easier. I'm not accidentally picking up others energy, I feel clearer, cleaner and stronger.

Here it is, enjoy!

I recommend that this is done daily, at least once when you wake. If you like you can do it again before going to bed.

I do it as part of my morning routine, the whole of which can be found on YouTube

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