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Throughout her teaching career, child mental health and wellbeing was Kathryn’s pivotal concern. When a child feels happy and secure, the best possible progress is made in learning. Self-confidence leads to more rapid development of social skills and other characteristics of personality which maximise wellbeing and success, for example: curiosity, emotional resilience, empathy, tenacity and appreciation.

If your child or teenager seems to lack self-confidence, is anxious, angry, argumentative, feels lost, helpless, deeply sad, joyless or lacking in self-esteem, Kathryn will build a strong rapport and then use a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques for healing. Next, Kathryn will work with your child or teenager to develop emotional resilience by giving them the practical tools needed to deal effectively with the challenging journey of growing up in today’s world.

Working with your child or teenager, means working alongside and with you. It is essential that as the parent, at all times you feel comfortable and in control when a therapist works with your child or teenager. As such, Kathryn will formulate and discuss with you a clear programme of sessions whereby you will be invited to help support the progress being made. Kathryn can offer guidance in parenting where beneficial for both you and your child.

    At your first session, a full case history is taken in order to get to know you. Treatments generally take place whilst lying on a couch and you are fully clothed. The session often starts with gentle touch at the feet and then move around the body using different hand holds. It may be necessary for the practitioner to stay in one place for several minutes to allow the system to settle and let go of whatever it is holding. You will be told what is happening throughout and will be encouraged to ‘listen’ to your own body in order to fully understand its needs.
    Usually, the client has a deep sense of relaxation and may get the sensation they are floating. They may feel different types of releasing such as heat, tingling, fuzzing, stretching sensation, rippling water sensations, cold or occasionally an emotional release.

To a teenager who is thinking about meeting Kathryn: 

“This will be an informal time together where you will sit at ease safely in your comfort zone……. Kathryn will put your feelings first, and you can say and do nothing at all if you want”

Together we can make a difference

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