Maggie Peat 

Maggie trained as a  a registered nurse in the 1980s and has had experience of caring for patients with a wide  range of conditions in the UK and Australia. She has provided care and support for patients in a number of settings including coronary and intensive care, cancer care, research and support for those with a life limiting condition. 


Between 1997 and 2003 she completed a BA and PhD in Social Policy at York University (she never quite ‘got’ A Levels!). 


She trained as a reflexologist in 2003 after being successfully treated for gastro-oesophageal reflux  (GORD) with reflexology after conventional therapy had failed. She has a particular interest in ‘whole body’ imbalance such as fibromyalgia and other inflammatory conditions and is passionate about the ability of complementary therapy to rebalance the body and bring relief. 


‘It can help those who are ill to return to health and help them stay healthy once they have recovered.’


Since starting practicing as a reflexologist she has supported clients with various conditions ranging from GORD to chronic renal failure, menorrhagia to anxiety. 

She has also been trained and has experience of using reflexology to support conception and pregnancy.


Prior to leaving the NHS, her role for the last 10 years has been supporting research activity within our local hospital. She is keen to help develop an evidence base for complementary therapies so they are available to all as part of NHS care. 


She has a diploma in clinical reflexology from Jubilee College, She is a registrant member of the Association of Reflexologists and with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council which oversee completion of a required and documented continuous professional development.