Psychotherapy is a term used here to describe a more in depth and analytical form of counselling. As the therapist listens compassionately to her client, she analyses her client’s ‘story’ which is their past experiences woven together with the beliefs and feelings which these experiences created.  Our childhoods can be a time when our adulthood is patterned, and dreams can be messages from our subconscious which is always striving to heal and protect itself. 

Your therapist, Kathryn listens deeply, identifies patterns and possible root causes, and gently questions her client with a view to helping them develop self-awareness and self-understanding. Understanding oneself enables one to understand others and then how best to respond and communicate with them.  Increased self-awareness allows the client to keep and develop the aspects of self which serve them well, whilst starting to release that which is not helpful to them.

Psychotherapy is more typically used when someone is struggling even though they are not presently going through a difficult life event. It can feel as if the cause ‘goes way back’, and that the problems are more deep-rooted than having to deal with something challenging in the present time. Longer term feelings of depression, anxiety, anger towards self or others, inadequacy, low self-esteem and low self-confidence can be addressed through psychotherapy. As the client develops compassion and understanding towards themselves, modelled by the therapist, they start to nurture self-love. In turn, this self-love makes the client stronger and more clear-sighted in how they relate to the people around them.

Together with you, her client, Kathryn may also use hypnotherapy and/or counselling, as well as mindfulness techniques, where this is helpful in supporting the aims of psychotherapy.


It’s about knowing and understanding who we are, loving ourselves unconditionally and taking back control