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The truth about hypnotherapy

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place” Lao-Tzu

Many people’s first understanding of hypnotherapy is from what they’ve seen on TV. The more unscrupulous the showman, the more entertaining the act. But please be reassured.

Stage hypnotherapy is to clinical hypnotherapy what darts is to acupuncture! So you can let go of any fears you may have that you would lose control of the process. In fact, clinical hypnotherapy is all about putting you in the driving seat. You set the destination, rather like tapping it into a sat nav, and your therapist helps you to get there. It’s an especially terrific feeling when you arrive because as well as having what you want, you will have learnings along the way which massively upskill you for your next venture.

Willpower is generated by the unconscious part of our minds, and it is for this reason that hypnotherapy is recognised as a powerful tool for change. By working directly with your unconscious as well as conscious mind, a skilled hypnotherapist can help give you the boost of motivation, self-confidence and willpower you require to achieve your most life-enhancing resolutions for 2021.

Whilst strengthening your motivation and willpower, simple techniques in hypnotherapy can help us to identify and clear away any obstacles to your success. That’s when the good, new stuff will flow most easily into your life. Please do get in touch if you’re curious to know more. 2021 here we come!

Some of the goals hypnotherapy can help you achieve:

  • A sense of calm, relaxation and freedom from anxiety

  • A robust sense of self-worth and kindness towards self

  • Enjoyment of exercise (or sporting success)

  • Your ideal bodyweight

  • Overcoming phobias (eg of dentists; flying; lifts; elevators; spiders…….anything at all!)

  • Self-confidence (eg voicing opinions, needs and feelings within the context of work or relationships; public speaking; exam success)

  • Energising sleep patterns

  • Positivity and optimism

  • Organisation and efficiency

  • A sense of purpose, direction and self-understanding

  • Cessation of any unwanted habits or limiting beliefs, and a feeling of greater control

  • Job done with regards to those tasks you’ve been putting off

  • Any new pattern of behaviour or thought which is good for you!

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