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Meet Laura

Joining me at Tanfield Wellness is Laura Boscawen. The easiest way for you to get to know her was for me to interview her. Here you go!

What brings you to Yorkshire?

Falling for a northerner who was definitely not moving south

Tell us about your journey into discovering acupuncture?

I’ve been on a long journey from patient to practitioner, during which I’ve learned two important lessons. That Chinese medicine often really does have the answer. And that good health starts with self-care. When working in the rat race in London, I had constant health niggles. I was eventually healed by Chinese medicine. I was so inspired that I decided to train as a practitioner myself. So voila, another degree later (this time Chinese Medicine, graduating from the UK’s renowned Integrated College of Chinese Medicine), plus a sports massage diploma and a stint in China, I’ve now been working in Chinese medicine since 2010. I am more committed than ever to increasing awareness of this ancient wisdom and encouraging people to master their own health. My aim is to make Chinese medicine achievable and accessible.

Why do you love it?

Chinese medicine is a lifestyle change. It’s not just about what happens in the treatment room. It’s about finding moderation and balance in everything you do, according to Daoist principles one must “take the path of least resistance to overcome the obstacle.” It doesn’t mean you have to be a Steady Eddy, I still live life abundantly, but it’s about knowing when to stop and listen to yourself.  

People tend to assume Chinese medicine is all herbs and acupuncture. Whereas actually, the missing link that we all need is self-care. And it’s a huge area of expertise in Chinese medicine that most people aren’t aware of. But it’s the bit that we can all do. My mission is to help others using this remarkable healing system. Whilst Western medicine has transformed health care as we know it, there’s a gap that it doesn’t address and that’s the ‘almost-well’, the ‘not feeling so good’, the tired out and over-stressed. This is a gap I have seen Chinese medicine fill beautifully.

What other modalities do you do?

My Chinese Medicine tool box gets deeper and deeper. Dependent on each client’s unique diagnosis, I offer cupping, guasha, moxibustion and massage. And offer Qi Gong, yin yoga or stretching and strengthening plans. I also believe strongly in the importance of nutrition for health and well-being, employing Chinese medicine theory on the energetics of food, offering a holistic treatment to improve the vitality of the mind, body and spirit, returning my patients to optimum health.

You had a thriving practice in London, what were the main reasons clients visited you?

To feel better and stay better. Of course being in London, I saw endless back, neck and shoulder issues that London office life creates - easily fixable and very satisfying. Many couples came to me when trying to conceive and wanting continuous support along their fertility journey. The results are incredible.  I apparently go “above and beyond what most acupuncturists do”, as I provide a detailed follow up plan with lifestyle and dietary advice and suggestions, exercise plans and western medical or other complementary practitioner referrals where necessary. I also know that not many acupuncturists are massage therapists too, so whilst the needles are in you can get a massage too; a magical combination and not just needles.

In true Desert Island Discs, we'd have been listening to your favourite songs, so what is your favourite song?

Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics

And finally, what item would you take to a desert island?

My skis

(Mmmm, I doubt there'll be much snow!)

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