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Meet Johannes

Updated: Aug 9

We are thrilled that this extremely talented healer is joining the team here. Welcome Johannes!

My journey in holistic health and wellness started in my early teens when I was old enough to start questioning conclusive statements made by medical professionals. Surely frequent medical visits did not have to be part of my life - I thought to myself.

Now this story isn’t a sad, poor me story, so bare with me. I feel it’s important to highlight some of the major events in my life thus far that’s led me to my mission to elevate the consciousness and health of humanity and to be the beacon of light for anyone who is frustrated but know deep within, that there is more to life than accepting what others (professional or not) have told them about how they should life their life.

I was lucky my aunt was in the alternative space and had shared many things with me, from essential oils, dowsing, Thought Field Therapy, to frequency infused water. You name it, she’s done the course. So naturally, I was exposed to natural remedies and therapies from a young age. At that time, my main motivator was to not be weak or base my life around doctor’s appointments. I was already refusing medication, popping supplements like they were going out of fashion, experiencing different therapies, but still suffering.

When I was 19/20, I went to see both a psychologist and psychiatrist for the first time. I learnt a lot of the mental and emotional feelings that trigger physical reactions I experienced throughout my life was not normal. All my life, I thought everyone felt the same; anxious, depressed, panic attacks, suicidal to name a few. After close to a year of seeing these professionals, I learnt they couldn’t diagnose me because I showed 7 conditions in which half contradicted the other half so I can’t possibly have them all. They concluded that I would most likely be on medication with regular check ups for the rest of my life.

Jump a few years ahead into my early twenties, I went to see yet another specialist, which told me that if I’m not careful with my back, I could be in a wheelchair within a few years - urging me to switch my active lifestyle and health and fitness career for something more sedentary to minimise impact. By then, I had successfully improved my health and fitness drastically for close to a decade so I wasn’t going to start listening. I remembered distinctly walking out of the hospital saying: “No thanks I’ll do it my way, you’re just another long list of medical professional telling me what I can or cannot do. I’ll prove you wrong too, like I have been with all the others.”

For the following decade, I doubled down and made myself an expert in real nutrition and nourishment, biomechanics, mobility and pain relief, on top of general health and wellness. Because of the holistic nature of my approach, I started revisiting energy healing my aunt so passionately shared with me throughout my life. Once I started incorporating energy healing for myself and my clients, that’s when things sky rocketed. Achieving transformations where medical has failed. I’ve inadvertently became the go to person for “oh you’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing’s made permanent sustainable change? You got to see Johannes.”

Now I’m not saying I’m a fixer. I don’t claim to be. I’ve just leant that most don’t realise all disease in their body and psychological triggers can be boiled down to traumas they’ve experienced in this lifetime or past lives. What shocks them the most is when events that seemingly have no correlation to the manifested issues are directly linked. Because of this, many of my long term clients live in possibilities; “ooh what else are we going to uncover this time?”

Over the last decade, I’ve learnt a few modalities like:

  • BioEnergetic Synchronisation Technique, great for addressing, past, present and future timelines and bringing up specific emotions and traumas locked in the body.

  • Access Bars and Access Consciousness is amazing as a lifestyle system to break up fixed points of views, emotions, blocks, trauma, entities, and physical healing.

  • StarMagic Healing is where the real magic happens. As the name suggest, the level of quantum healing is magical, it defies all things 3D, it defies time, it even defies most energy healing modalities. Having abilities like reversing diseases where medical has failed, mental health, chronic health issues, past life contracts and links, and so much more. Truly allowing your body and soul to heal on a level that nothing else compares.

I’m now in my mid thirties, I haven’t had medication of any sort for two decades, no operations, no medical appointments, and am as fit as ever, and I like to think I’m mentally sound. I was willing to be my own guinea pig and have the determination to believe in myself and never give up. For over a decade, I’ve been sharing with individuals and families across three countries the possibilities to heal on a deep level. To trust that your body has the ability to heal when you nourish it and provide an environment and tools for it to heal.

Before I round this off, I was like to share with you one more amazing story. When I got married, my wife went for a check up because she was having pain in her lower abdominals. We were told she needed to have an operation and we may not have kids. We literally just got back from our honeymoon! Anyway, me being me,I said “screw this, we’ll find a different way”. We went to see an energy healer and long story short, my wife never had the operation, and now we have two healthy beautiful daughters. I was already incorporating energy healing with my holistic health coaching, but it is after this that I once again doubled down in quantum healing.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t go through all the different health issues as a child. I won’t be performing “magic” with quantum healing if my wife didn’t go through that scare. These days, I have a bigger vision, to help spread consciousness and possibilities in one’s vitality. It’s time to defy statistics and live to our highest potential.

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