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Most people have vaguely heard of the Alexander Technique and think it has something to do with posture. It is a lot more than that. We have habits and for most people some of their habits are interfering with the way their bodies are made to move resulting in many musculoskeletal problems, stress, poor posture and performance.

The Alexander Technique is a skill for life, we learn to help overcome these unhelpful habits by having conscious control of how we move.

Whether you are running, working in an office all day with a computer, using your smart phone, singing, horse riding, acting, playing a violin or even moving around in the comfort of your own home, you can feel more poised, balanced, calmer and confident. Anyone from children to the elderly can benefit from the Alexander Technique. It is very beneficial to lie in semi supine daily.

The Alexander Technique is taught at music and drama colleges such as Royal School of Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, RADA, LAMDA and The Juillard School in New York.

Type of clients who come for lessons on Alexander Technique:

Musculoskeletal problems, pain, stress

Musicians and Actors

Home and office working with computers

Sportspeople including  horse riders

During and after pregnancy

Self Development

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Hilary Cook is an excellent teacher who has helped me tremendously with my lower back pain. Her lessons are interesting, stimulating and fun. Hilary’s manner is thoroughly professional. I would recommend her as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. – Sarah S.


 The Alexander Technique is taught on a one to one basis so that individual needs can be addressed. The first  lesson starts with Hilary taking down a brief medical history,  looking at your lifestyle and assessing your posture. Then she will start teaching the Alexander Technique including living anatomy.

For comfort it is recommended that you wear ordinary loose fitting clothing such as a tracksuit, trousers or leggings. The number of lessons you have can be discussed with Hilary and depends on your particular needs and goals. Learning the Alexander Technique is like learning to play the piano and may take a while as we will be working on changing habits. It is usually recommended that you have 6 lessons to begin with and then we would have a review. 

Payment is £65 payable either by cash or BACS transfer


Cancellation Policy. If a lesson is missed or is cancelled within 24 hours of the booked lesson full payment is required.

'Hilary helped me tremendously with my lower back pain.'

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